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Anomaly Certification - Sample Images


Webinar on Setting up of 12 weeks Fetal Wellness clinic

Date: 17 October 2015
Time: 1.30 pm – 2.30pm

This certification is for centres who are regularly providing patients with

  • Aneuploidy Risks using the FMF software
  • Risk stratification for pre-eclampsia by taking maternal blood pressure correctly according to the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy
  • Screening for Thalassemia in every patient
  • Screening for maternal diabetes using 75g Oral Glucose Tolerance Test [according to the International Association of Diabetes & Pregnancy Study groups ( IADPSG )


Webinar on FMFIndia’s Obstetrician Certification

Date: 28 March 2015
Time: 2.00-3.00 P.M India time.

The one hour lecture webinar on first trimester screening and NT , which will be conducted by an FMF-UK accredited faculty. You will have a chance to interact with the speaker and clear your doubts.

FMFIndia’s Mission
FMFIndia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the education and promotion of Skilled Medical Professionals in the field of Fetal Medicine. It aims to address problems and improve the health of pregnancies of Indian women across all social strata. It will do this by increasing the number and availability of skilled professionals (physicians,ultra-sonographers, and other health-care workers) to all Indian women.

Obstetrician Certification’s Objectives

  • It is important that all the obstetricians are familiar with standard protocols of prenatal care, and offer them to all pregnant women.
  • The obstetricians should by the end of the programme be able to counsel the patient regarding risk for the common aneuploidies , risk for preeclampsia and prematurity, and guide further management. Only if they need diagnostic testing, or invasive procedure for one reason/other, should they feel the need refer the patient to higher centre.
  • We also need to ensure that all sonographers follow FMF protocols and that can be ensured only if Obstetricians review All images of NT scan and motivate their sonographers to get FMF accredited
  • FMF India has been organizing training and hands on workshops all over India to help sonographers become proficient in NT scans and a list of these centres will be found on the website

1 day Fetal Cardiac Screening Workshop

Date: 22nd February, 2015.
Venue: Auditorium, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Congenital Cardiac defects occur at a frequency of about 1:100.

Many enquiries come to us from sonologists who want to learn basic cardiac scanning.

This one day snap-shot programme is devised for those who do scan and want to familiarise themselves with identifying common cardiac structural defects. The program consists of teaching through simple diagrams, lots of videos of structural defects and will allow for lots of interaction and doubt-clearing. Tips and tricks to minimise the chance of missing a fetal cardiac defect will highlighted.

The programme will be lead by Dr Manisha Chakroborty, a Paediatric/Fetal Cardiologist and Dr Bhanu Bansal, a Paed Cardiologist, well supported by the Apollo Centre for Fetal Medicine team.

To register, please write to or call 011-29873018, 09560127575


CME on maternal screening

The CME on Maternal Screening held at ACFM on 7th June was well attended by obstetricians and radiologists across Delhi as well as from nearby states.


There was animated discussion amongst the speakers, panelists and the audience and we hope that most questions were answered to the audience’s satisfaction.

Many delegates were asking for training in performing diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis. The problem is that the PCPNDT Law requires a certain number to be done supervised which is impossible unless you are doing a Fellowship with us and even if we train on models, the law may not accept this to start a clinical service.

Any suggestions?

FMFIndia’s doppler workshop

Doppler Workshop October 2013

GE doppler workshop FMFI

The FMFI education programme is going strong with the 4th Doppler workshop of this year being held at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital on 26th and 27th October 2013. It was attended by about 40 clinicians from mainly North India.

Dr Anita Kaul took the audience through the nuances of physics and technical aspects of Dopplers.

Dr Nikhil and Dr Shweta covered the topic of first trimester. We introduced a Quiz at the end of the talks which was a good learning experience.

The following day Dr Chanchal covered the clinical applications of Doppler particularly in growth restricted fetuses.
Dr Suman Vohra took the audience through ultrasound in early pregnancy focusing on diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and viability scan as well as general gynaecology.

The audience was extremely enthusiastic and keenly participated in the discussions. The live demonstrations added to the practical knowledge and were greatly appreciated.

We look forward to holding more of such workshops and invite our Facebook friends to give their inputs and suggestions to make these academic events more useful.

Rainbow Fetus Day – an FMFIndia event

Rainbow Fetal Medicine Centre, Hyderabad organised ‘Rainbow Fetus Day 2013′, a full day academic fiesta on 31st October, 2013 that covered various topics like
– Fetal renal tract
– Fetal cardiac evaluation
– Fetal abnormalities
– Effective screening techniques
– Fetal interventions
– New revolutions and future directions.

An FMFIndia event, the event was successfully organised by Dr Chinmayee Ratha.


Updates from another successful FMFI event.

The Obstetrician’s Third Eye-Enhancing Fetal Scanning Skills workshop

We have realised over time that teaching and learning is better done in small groups of interested people. This was well illustrated with our 28th AICC RCOG Pre-Conference workshop where both audience and faculty could reach out to each other and clear doubts about common problems faced during scanning and counselling.

‘The Obstetrician’s Third Eye’ workshop.

AICC RCOG Annual Conference Pre Conference Workshop

‘The Obstetrician’s Third Eye’

Enhance your fetal scanning skills. This workshop aims at familiarizing candidates with the current guidelines and standard of Obstetric scanning. The workshop will involve extensive video teaching sessions.

Who Should Attend?
– All obstetricians who perform obstetric scanning.
– All radiologists who are doing obstetric ultrasounds and are involved in the care of antenatal women.
– All residents and trainees who are interested in fetal medicine as a sub-speciality.

Date: Thusday, 29 August, 2013
Time: 09:00 Am to 05:00 Pm
Venue: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

rcog workshop

Fetal echocardiography workshop in Delhi

FMFIndia’s The Perceptor Workshop series 2013, Fetal Echocardiography with Prof Lindsey Allan got going at the Indrapastha Apollo Hospital auditorium today.

Prof Lindsey Allan is one of the leading Fetal cardiologists in the world who has been instrumental in creating the speciality called “Fetal cardiology”. She has numerous research publications and textbooks to her credit. She has the reputation of being one of the finest masters in the subject, adding clarity and simplicity to her lectures and presentations that makes every student appreciate the subject and develop a keen interest in the same.